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Nikith Nath is a photography enthusiast and photography is his passion. He considers photography as a medium to imprint a moment that can never be retraced.  


A 22 year old, B.Tech graduate in Physics from National Institute of Technology Calicut, India, Nikith Nath is hobbyist photographer hailing from Kerala, India. After completing his secondary education is Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., Nikith had come over to Kerala to do this Bachelor's in Engineering at one of India's most pretigious institutes, National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC), where he discovered his zest for photography. Starting of with his Sony Cybershot DigiCam, Nikith improved his way up after he got his Canon Rebel T3 (Canon EOS 1100D). Starting of clicking the people around, he moved on to aim for great landscapes wherever he went. 


"Photography is all about capturing the beauty of God's creations-be it Nature, Landscapes or People.", says Nikith and beauty according to him is as they say lays in the eyes of the beholder.



NITC was the platform where he discovered and improved his love and passion for photography. With the passion to bring out the beauty of people he saw around, in a different way, he decided to give a try to Fashion and Beauty Photography and with the help and support of five of his college mates, Nikith organised photoshoots. This took his reputation in his University to a whole new level with people appreciating his ideas and frames.


Nikith is currently into Fashion, Beauty and Landscape Photography. 

His gear includes his Canon Rebel T3, 18-55mm lens, 50mm/1.8f lens and Vigor 405 Tripod.


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